Traceability and transparency

Since 2019, we have begun a turning point in our business strategy, particularly on the purchasing side: buying rough stones directly from mining groups.

Since 2022, we have made every effort to offer only traceable stones, thus cleaning up our supply chain.

In full transparency, we inform our customers of the identity of our major suppliers, who have themselves been audited by these customers, in order to guarantee the origin of the stones and, above all, their traceability.

We have made many changes to our management software to enable us to provide our customers with all the key information about our stones:

– Mines, invoices and rough purchase dates

– Videos of the reception of the rough, delivered by armored transporter (directly from the miner’s premises)

– The stages in the transformation of our stones: from rough to cut stone (photos, weights, dimensions)

Since the beginning of 2023, we have been issuing our own Gem Traceability certificate, which guarantees the traceability of our stones and includes all the elements listed above.