Established on 40 years of experience, Garaude is a company of traders and lapidaries in ethical colored gemstones, “from mine to high jewelry market”, present in Paris, Bangkok and New York. Thanks to its unique business model, Garaude is one of Les Echos magazine’s top 65 Champions of Growth.

The company got its start in Brazil, where François Garaude acquired his first emerald rough after a transatlantic crossing. This acquisition marked the beginning of more than 40 years of expertise in the acquisition, cutting and sale of colored gemstones to the most prestigious high-jewelry houses.

Over the past 20 years, the human and environmental issues involved in gemstone mining have become central to the concerns of these same houses. The raw materials market has thus evolved towards greater transparency, and some mines have integrated regular audits into their model to guarantee compliance with ethical standards. For the past 10 years, Garaude has been committed to uncompromising compliance with these same standards.

To be as close as possible to its suppliers, the company acquired in 2016 an office in Bangkok, the new international gemstone scene. This strategic location not only provides the company with its own cutting plant, but also enables it to take part in more than a dozen major rough auctions with leading mining groups each year. By focusing on its operational excellence, Garaude has been able to develop a “from mine to market” model, integrating and thus mastering the sector’s entire value chain.

This development strategy enables the company to meet the needs of the high-jewelry industry by :

– Ensuring seamless traceability across the entire production chain

– Acquiring the best available materials at source

– Presenting a first-class cutting technique

– Managing sufficient volumes to create perfectly homogenous, color-coordinated sets.

Thanks to this strategy, Garaude benefits from the confidence and resilience of the high-jewelry market. The company has thus been able to achieve 280% growth from 2019 to 2022, enabling the opening of a New York office in 2023 to continue its development.

According to Les Echos magazine, Garaude is one of the top 65 Champions of Growth in 2024.