End of the 60s: the Western world goes out of its hinges. François Garaude, from the quiet Germanopratin bourgeoisie, received this thunderclap like a whip. May 68 irresistibly called him to the open sea, to India first of all. At 16, leaving behind his scandalisez family, he hitchhiked the vast continent through Central Asia, as each day announces a new challenge, each encounter a danger, a perdition… or a fantastic discovery. Regardless, the unexpected becomes an adrenaline rush, François Garaude discovers a country where rites and beliefs organise thought and change lives. He understands that in India, spirituality takes over everything, explains everything, justifies everything. Memories of the Romanesque churches of his childhood mingle with the discovery of Hindu temples.In these sacred buildings where man looks at the sky, the invisible dwells the visible, the place of each element is important, nothing is due. randomly.

The trip turned into a spiritual quest but it was suddenly interrupted by the illness which brought François Garaude back to France. From this experience he keeps within him an intense richness: the desire to give meaning to everything. The journey will continue … Is this a sign? He brings back in his pockets a topaz and a moonstone, his first talismans.