GARAUDE has established this complaint management procedure to listen to concerns about circumstances in the supply chain.

Upon receipt of the complaint, we will endeavor to:

– Obtain an accurate report of the complaint;

– Explain our complaint handling procedure;

– Establish how the complainant would like the complaint to be handled;

– Decide who is the appropriate person internally to handle the complaint or help redirect the complaint to another entity, such as the relevant supplier or industry;

– Obtain further information, if necessary, where the issue can be handled internally;

– Identify any actions we should take or follow up on the situation;

– To submit a complaint or suggest an improvement, customers could fill in the form on the “Help” section on the footer menu which would be taken care by the Garaude team.

– Inform the complainant of decisions or findings; and

– To keep the complaints received and the internal procedure followed in our archives for at least five years.

GARAUDE wants to promote a culture where employees can speak freely to managers, supervisors, etc. about ethical issues they may encounter within the company and in their business interactions.

Garaude SAS managers, supervisors and employees must not retaliate in any way against anyone who reports in good faith inappropriate conduct: violation of the law, company policy, regulatory requirements, harassment, etc.

Anyone who reports in good faith can expect GN to protect them from any type of retaliation or harassment as a result of the report.