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GARAUDE is committed to reducing and managing the environmental impacts of its business activities by implementing an effective environmental management system. This includes, but is not limited to: Responsible management of all waste and emissions to air, water and soil. The implementation of energy efficiency and water management measures. Seeking responsible and efficient use of other natural resources, where appropriate.

In order to obtain effective and reliable control of exposure to dangerous substances, GARAUDE undertakes to apply the following eight generic principles of the COSHH regulation (Control of substances dangerous to health); Design and implement processes and activities aimed at minimizing the emission, release and spread of substances hazardous to health. Consider all relevant routes of exposure – inhalation, skin absorption and ingestion – when developing control measures. Control exposure by measures proportionate to the risk to health. Choose the most effective and reliable control options that minimize the leakage and spread of substances hazardous to health. When adequate exposure control cannot be obtained by other means, provide, in combination with other control measures, appropriate personal protective equipment. Regularly check and review all elements of the control measures to ensure that they remain effective. Inform and train all employees on the dangers and risks associated with the substances with which they work and on the use of control measures developed to minimize the risks. Ensure that the introduction of control measures does not increase the overall risk to health and safety. Workplace Exposure Limits (LEP) are set by the Health and Safety Executive (HSE) with the aim of preventing excessive exposure to specific hazardous substances by limiting exposure below a given limit. LEP is the maximum concentration of an airborne substance, averaged over a reference period, to which employees can be exposed by inhalation.

Following the speech of our President Emmanuel Macron on national day, 14th of July 2022, The “energy sobriety plan”, GARAUDE decided to establish a charter of ecological commitments within the company in order to reduce our energy consumption.

– Turn off all electronic appliances such as computer, screen, printers, AC/Heaters , lights…etc after the end of every working day.

– Unplug sockets on the weekends and during annual closings.

– During winter season, the heaters would be used only upto 21 degrees and the windows would be closed during the utilization of the heaters.

– During summer, the windows would be closed when using the A/C.

– During summer time the use of hot water would be restricted.

– Garaude follows a recycling waste process.