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Garaude Paris

"Everything starts with a long voyage"

"When I arrived in Bahia on the boat I built, I immediately heard of an emerald mine in the middle of the country. Being able to get deeper and closer than ever before to raw precious stones captivated me immediately. And then everything happened very quickly: first purchases and first trips to sell these batches of emeralds. Brazilian investors hired me as the director of a stone trading and cutting company in Sao Paulo.

Back in France I opened my own office and began selling Colombian and Brazilian emeralds to jewellers on rue de la Paix and Place Vendôme. I then started to explore other countries, Burma, Sri Lanka, Thailand, and came back to sell rubies, sapphires, spinel and jade in unique colors and shapes. These jewellers required completely natural stones that had not undergone any transformations. With the buyers and designers place Vendôme I learned the basics of the art of jewelry making.

It was my meeting with a jeweller friend which gave me the opportunity to display these stones that I was selling to others. Displaying these stones was both demanding and precise and allowed me to be in contact directly with clients who shared my appreciation for rare stones and daring designs while allowing me to express my love of light, color and the shapes they reveal."

François Garaude