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Ode to Copernicus

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Designed subsequent to the Cardinale collection, consisting entirely of circles and half-spheres, the Orbitale line expands into curves and globes, expressing fullness and perfection. From the Cardinale collection's two-dimensional view of the world, we now come to a three-dimensional perspective, as though it has finally been discovered that the earth is round and rotates on itself.

In this heavenly collection, the stones have been placed into orbit on gold rings. The finger caresses these precious balls, causing them to roll on their axis. This jewelry is playful and addictive.

Brightly colored agate, turquoise, lapis lazuli and malachite sit proudly on their Saturnian ring, while slender stackable rings, set with precious stones, are exchanged and replaced at will. Alone in the midst of four diamonds, or grouped into a constellation of four, the stones are always at the heart of a metaphor, that of the cardinal points.

And if the ancients believed that the planets influenced human behavior, could the little spheres revolving on these talisman jewels give direction to our lives?

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