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Balanced Surge

image archbishop

In the Hokusai collection, the beauty and power of nature unleashed is expressed in contrast with the refinement of Japanese art.

The famous Great Wave off Kanagawa hurtles towards the heavens, its crest a foam of diamonds. Contained within a circle as two halves, it evokes Yin and Yang: the movement being the chased titanium and the light, the diamond.

This exceptionally lightweight 'picture-jewelry' is worked on very fine cast titanium whose ripples resemble the furrows of Japanese gardens. In their matte metal version, the Hokusai rings, creole hoop earrings and pendants in sober gray, blue or purple hues, just rimmed with a sprinkling of diamonds, sit well within the tradition of Japanese sobriety. In other models the metal has been polished to create bright, vibrant colors, reflecting a different facet of contemporary Japanese culture.

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